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Walking in a sunny day of this reknown spring in Milan with my friend Belle, I made a nice discovery.

I was in search of a new kind of tea to try, as I am most of the times,  and I was really tired of those hanging down the shelves of a sad supermarket; it was in that moment, at the beginnign of Via Montereno, that I found the nicest little tea shop I have ever seen: “Montresor”.

I went in and I was immediatly welcomed by a lady who not only was very kind but also seemed quite available to answer a few questions for my blog 🙂 .

During our lovely chat, while sharing our mutual love for tea, I found out interesting ‘news’.

<<Until a couple of years ago our costumers were mainly middle-aged people with a high rate of income, but in the last few years more and more young people seemed to come nearer to the ritual of tea, even very young people, in their early twenties>>

To me, that was quite a revelation: apparently I was not the only one 🙂 .

The nice lady also told me about the preferences of their costumer:

<<The youngest costumers have a preference for green or white tea, since they have become famous thanks to fashion magazines for their dietetic and diuretic properties, even though it’s not really like that; anyway  young people continue prefering them for their light and delicate taste. On the other hand, people who are more expert, tend to prefer black tea and even black blended tea for their strong, determined flavour.>>

At the end, I was so much taken by the conversation that I completely forgot to choose a tea for myself!

Well, I suppose I will go back there quite soon. 🙂

I wish, at least you, would have…

…a very good brew 😉



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During my latest travel in the UK’s capital I did an unusual discovery which left me quite happy; walking around Covent Garden with my dearest friend Belle, I decided not to visit the famous Tea House in Neal Street again but to wondering around in search of something new.

I have to admit that I was prejudiced about Whittard of Chelsea, thinking it had become too much commercial; it certainly has commercial stuffs and stuffs for tourist, but at the first floor there’s something everyone would love: what about creating your own type of tea?

That’s right! A long white table with three basic tea-leaves pots to choose (white, green or black tea), a series of dried elements (fruits, flowers, other leaves, etc…) and several natural flavourings (vanilla, cinnamon, bergamot, strawberry, etc..).

“Blend your tea”! To me, “that was invitation enough” *! What did I choose?

Black tea with rose petals, mallow flowers and bergamot flavouring!

Simply delicious!

If you are wondering how to blend your own tea, you can do it comfortably at home through Whittard of Chelsea web site. (http://www.whittard.co.uk/)

As always Roberta wishes you a good brew! 😉

* (Pride and Prejudice, CH 1)

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