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Designed Tea Bags!

I am not much of a fan of  teabags if I got to be honest.

But I have to admit that when I first saw these ones I couldn’t but fall in love with them!

How nice would be to have a tea with the Queen? Or with the Princes? 🙂

Well, If you’re not a crown-supporter, you can enjoy a tea with someone else, as….

… a politician! How about a tea with Barack Obama?

Or, if you are more extravagant but still a tea-lover, then why not having a tea with…

… a stripper! For an irriverent and sexy tea!

These tea bags are a creation of Yamatuti, a Swiss enterprise, always innovative and in touch with the newest design tendency!

A disadvantage?  They’re quite expensive! If you live in Italy, in Milan, you can find them at LaRinascente, in the basement floor at the so-called “Design Supermarket”.

Have a good brew! 😉


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